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a a 501(c)3 organization  

Our Mission



 The ZOE Group Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization that lends it’s philanthropic expertise to projects and programs, that in the opinion of its Board of Directors tend to restore and maintain our national CHRIST-CENTERED heritage in the United States 

as well as the national heritage of cooperating countries around the world.


The ZOE Group Foundation is a stewardship and resource center assisting charitable, religious, and/or educational entities in economic, community and /or personal development endeavors including:


  • The production of educational/ cultural arts programs and performances in a theatrical settings.
  • Program support for youth organizations.

  • Provide economic projects and biblical-based programs; and
  • Create Christ-Centerted network exchanges. 


With almost  twenty-five collective years of expertise in areas of event planning, marketing, fund raising and development, the ZOE Group Foundation addresses grass roots initiatives with corporate marketing savvy.

Bridging the gap between non-profit, government, and corporate organizations.



We provide philanthropic networks that support economic and community empowerment endeavors.


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