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a a 501(c)3 organization  

Bridging the gap between non-profit, government, and corporate organizations.



We provide philanthropic networks that support economic and community empowerment endeavors.


About Philanthropy


Some people think philanthropy is just about foundations giving away lots of money, but that’s only one part of the picture. Philanthropy is really about people giving their spirit, body and soul to causes they care about.


Very simply put, philanthropy can be explained as giving and sharing your time,talents or any resources to make the world around you a better place.

As you’ll find by exploring this site, acts of philanthropy can take many forms, ranging from donating a large sum of money to a charity  to creating a community garden in your neighborhood or volunteering your time to help out at a local firehouse.


Sometimes when  people get rich and famous they use their money and fame to start a foundation or get attention for causes they care about. You've probably heard of God using Ordinary people to do Extraordinaire works. Many of the people listed on the philanthropists’ part of this site.


Go to click on to find out about the charity work of Tiger Woods, Bill and Melinda Gates, Magic Johnson, Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey, Bono, and many more.


In the Links to Get Involved area, you’ll find links to sites that offer opportunities for you to get involved in philanthropy and volunteering.


If you’re already volunteering or working in some other kind of philanthropy, we’d like to hear your story and post it on our What We’re Learning part of this site so others can learn from your experience. Find out more...  

Why Teach Philanthropy? 


Each day leaders from emerging democracies come to the United States with a relatively surprising question. They want to know how they can create a civil society sector in their countries. They ask for guidance on teaching democratic and philanthropic principles to their children, and about systems for passing on the traditions of private citizens working for the common good. They come to the United States because they recognize that the civil society sector in America is fundamental to building and sustaining a secure democracy,supporting government,and to making our heterogeneous society function. 


Learning to Give:


* Educates youth about Philanthropy,the civic society sector, and the importance of giving their time,talent and treasures for the common good (wisdom)


* Develops philanthropic behavior and experiences (skills)


* Empowers youth to take voluntary citizen action for the common good in their classrooms,their lives and their communities (behavior). 


Learning to Give educates youth about the importance of philanthropy,the civil society sector,and civic engagement, and builds a system for service learning that  builds character and empowers young people to "do good" in their community, the nation and the world. 


In this country, history is taught without serious attention to the role of volunteers in building the first black colleges or the role of private donors in funding the Salk vaccine for polio. Psychology and sociology, frequently focuses on behaviors outside the healthy and normal,often do not explore the motivations and the relationships involved in setting aside self-interest for the benefit of the community.  

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