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a a 501(c)3 organization  

Bridging the gap between non-profit, government, and corporate organizations.



We provide philanthropic networks that support economic and community empowerment endeavors.


About Us

The ZOE Group Foundation is a 3-in-1 bridge building foundation that assist charitable, faith-based, education entities and community initiative organizations in economic, community, and personal development endeavors.


Founded by Roussan Etienne Jr. in 2004, the ZOE Group Foundation bridges the gap between government, corporate, and community-based organizations to address grass roots initiatives with corporate marketing savvy.


Programs that we support include:


  • Philanthropy Network Exchange
  • Health Education and Family Service 
  • Youth/Young Adult Mentorship 
  • Biblical-Based Art/Artisan  

We believe that creating a 3-in-1 environment that supports continuous improvement enables organizations to better serve the communities they seek to change. 


Contact us to help your organization build the capacity necessary to make your vision a reality!

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